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JUAL Celestra VA210 - Hi End - Car Audio Amplifier ORIGINAL Termurah

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Harga Normal:
harga anda:
Rp.9.600.000 (Anda hemat Rp.25.400.000)
4,00 KGS
Rp.400.000 (biaya pengiriman tetap)
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Deskripsi Produk



Data Sheet:
2x 100Wrms nominal power – 800Wrms bridged nominal power.Speakers fully separate from amplification circuit (total feedback = 0).Input stage with class A jfet.Polycarbonat capacitors onto signal path. RCA cinch with teflon insulator.Power output stage with case TO247 powerMOS for best heat dissipation.Power output stage in AAB class, without switch in power devices (non-switching devices).Heavy and massive speaker connectors to allow great cable size.1,400W DC @12V high frequency switching power supply with “virtual battery” ultra fast recovey system.Massive silver power battery connectors with very low contact resistance.Tri-mode operation (mono+stereo). No any current limiter, in order to do not clamp requested peak output current. Massive aluminum heatsink tunnel devices, with integrated and auto-regulated fans for full power running also at high ambient temperatures.Hand brushed and anodized aluminum finish.

CONTINUOUS OUTPUT NOMINAL POWER*:[both ch. driven from 20 hz to 20 Khz; THD < 0.1%]]2x 100Watt/4ohm @10.5 Vbatt.2x 200Watt/2ohm @10.5 Vbatt.2x 400W/1ohm @11.5 Vbatt.1x 400W/4ohm (bridged) @ 10.5 Vbatt.1x 800W/2ohm (bridged) @ 11.5 Vbatt.OUTPUT CURRENT  [THD<1%; 20 hz to 20 Khz]:22 Arms continuous45 Arms (500mS peak)FREQUENCY RESPONSE [-3Db]: at 8 hz and more than 400 Khz (at nominal power into 4 ohm)THD: less than 0.1 % until 1° clipping [20 hz to 20 Khz]INPUT IMPEDANCE: 10 KohmINPUT SENSITIVITY: max 300 mVrms; min 4 VrmsSTEREO SEPARATION: 80 Db at 1 KhzSIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: >120 Db "A" weightedCURRENT CONSUMPTION [at 12 Vbatt]: - idle= 2A- 32 A max at nominal power into 4 ohm (stereo)- 63 A max at nominal power into 2 ohm (stereo)- 63 A max at nominal power into 4 ohm (bridged)- 135 A max at nominal power into 1 ohm (stereo)- 135 A max at nominal power into 2 ohm (bridged)PROTECTION TRIGGER AT:- short on speakers outputs- battery voltage < 9 V- battery voltage > 15 V- thermal with proportional start of fans at 40° C, shutdown at 70° C- fully muted at turn on and offDIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS: 480 x 295 x 66 mm   11.5 Kg

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