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JUAL E-Bike 350W 20" Electric Bicycle MTB FOLDING Fat Tire High quality Black ORIGINAL Termurah

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Harga Normal:
harga anda:
Rp.7.400.000 (Anda hemat Rp.12.600.000)
20,00 KGS
Rp.500.000 (biaya pengiriman tetap)
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Deskripsi Produk




Frame:Electric Fat Tire Bike Custom Cruiser Alloy 6061 - Integrated Battery Placement - Long Wheel Base
Motor:  Bafang 350W Brushless Heavy Duty Rear Hub Motor Battery: Samsung Li 36Volt 15Amp Hour Battery - 3 year warrantyBattery Cells: Samsung Li 2600 mAh High Density 18650 CellsCharger: 2 Amp Smart Charger with Overcharge/Overheat protectionCharge Times for 15 AH Battery: Usual Recharge 2-3 hrs, 6 hrs full chargeDisplay: Advanced Center Console Display: LCD with speed, range, battery capacity, battery voltage & back lightSeparate headlight control button
Advanced Power Management System: 5 levels of pedal assist, 5 Modes, 2 Owner Programmable Modes for personal preferences including: Soft start PAS, ECO, Normal & POWER Modes, walking pace mode. 
Battery Management System (BMS) with Precise Voltage Measuring
Motor Power Controls: 5 Level Pedal Assist Mode & Full Time Full Throttle 
Controller:Brake Lockout for safety.
Range: 35-70 Miles per charge without pedaling
Wheels: Powder Coated Double Wall Alloy Rims with Sealed Bearing, Quick Release Front Wheel
Tires: Kenda Juggernaut Sport Steel Bead 26"x4" knobby tires
Brake Brand: Tektro Electric Bike Disc Brakes Front & Rear
Brakes: Mechanical Disc with 177.8 mm (7") Rotor
Derailleur: Shimano  7 Speed
Gearing: Shimano 7 speed cassette 12-32
Chain wheel: Steel 42 Tooth Single Sprocket
Pedals: Aluminum Alloy Platform with Reflectors
Chain Guard: Steel Painted
Kickstand: Heavy Duty Motorcycle Style Side Stand
Seat: Plush Padded, Anatomically Channeled, Leatherette Covered with Thick 
Rubber Cushion Springs:Color Matches Grips
Grips: rubber, Plush Padded

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  1. barang sudah diterima

    Dikirim oleh Indriyani - Sukabumi on 5th Oct 2017

    hall, bos makasih barang sudah sampai, sesuai harapan.
    sayang aja sampainya 3 mingguan gitu yah..
    overl all. okay, harga juga gak mahal
    moga awer

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